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THE INDETERMINACY FESTIVAL was founded in Buffalo, New York with the goal of fostering collaborations between The University at Buffalo and local community organizations. Since its inception, the mission has expanded to become a creative incubator for established and emerging artists to develop new methods for sharing their creative process with a wider public. IF hosts an annual festival as well as events and creative development seminars throughout the year.

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Anchored by site-specific environments such as abandoned grain silos and the moon-like landscape of a fossil park The Indeterminacy Festival invites collaborators to use the imaginative canvas of a specific location to explore and design newly imagined realities. Grappling with the unpredictability of working in these locations, the aim is to direct this uncertainty towards creative outcomes.


Hosted in a different location each year, collaborators stress-test their creative practice in unfamiliar settings and learn how to adapt their process to conditions that do not remain stable. By responding to the unpredictability of local weather, unusual site constraints, and a roster of new collaborators The Indeterminacy Festival prepares collaborators to transform such moments into inspirational encounters. 

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