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Founder and Artistic Director

Stanzi Vaubel began her training as a classical cellist at The Juilliard Pre-College. She received her BA from Northwestern University, her MFA and PhD from The University at Buffalo in the Media Study Department while on teaching fellowship. She received a Fulbright Fellowship in 2019, allowing her to bring The Indeterminacy Festival to Canada. She has collaborated on projects at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, and has performed at such venues such as Tanglewood, The Long House, and Carnegie Hall. She has worked as a producer for New York Public Radio and produced a series entitled "The Gift" for Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ). Her audio documentaries have been featured on WBEZ, BBC, and spotlighted by The Third Coast Audio Festival.


Her work has been commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Burchfield Penney Arts Center, KANEKO, UnionDocs, Public Space One, and Free City Festival. During her time in Buffalo she created site-specific immersive productions, SITES DO THINGS TO PEOPLE (2015), EXCURSIONS INTO UNKNOWABLE WORLDS (2016) staged at the Hi-Temp Warehouse.


In 2016 she founded The Indeterminacy Festival focused on creating large-scale collaborative events, which trained participants how to “re-discipline” in the 21st Century. The festival has been hosted by The University at Buffalo, McGill University, Hallwalls Center Art Center, and forthcoming in 2022 with The University of Malta. IF has received external support from the Fulbright Foundation, New York Council for the Arts, Techne Institute, The Mark Diamond Research Fund, suoni per il popolo, and hosted at such venues as the grain silos at Silo City, Penn Dixie Fossil Park, Sala Rossa, KANEKO, The Burchfield Penney Arts Center, Public Space One, and The Free City Festival.


Past festivals include: UNCERTAINTY (2017), EMERGENCE (2018), and PASTFUTURE/FUTUREPAST (2019) and CREATING AN OPEN SYSTEM (2020). During the pandemic year of 2021, Vaubel founded a Creative Development Program in collaboration with McGill University's Building 21 which introduced selected students to international artists and researchers in a bi-weekly seminar program. The festival returned in 2022 with MAKING MEANING IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD hosted at Alfred University.   Stay tuned for the 2023 festival hosted by invitation of The University of Malta.   

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