Stanzi Vaubel (director and co-producer)was trained as a cellist at The Juilliard Pre-College, received her BA from Northwestern University, and is currently on a teaching fellow in the Media Study Department at The University at Buffalo where she has earned her MFA and is now a doctoral candidate. She has collaborated on projects at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, and performed at such venues as Tanglewood, The Long House, and Carnegie Hall. She has worked as a producer at New York Public Radio and Chicago Public Radio where she produced a series on poets and writers entitled The Gift. Her audio documentaries have been featured on WBEZ, BBC, and featured by The Third Coast Audio Festival. Her work has been commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Burchfield Penney Arts Center, KANEKO, UnionDocs, Public Space 1, and Free City Festival. Upon arriving to Buffalo, she became interested in site-specific work creating Sites do things to People staged at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Excursions Into Unknowable Worlds, staged at the Hi-Temp Warehouse, and The Indeterminacy Festival staged at Silo City for two years the festival and this past May 2019 was hosted at the Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve this May. Previous festivals were supported by New York State Council for the Arts, Mark Diamond Research Fund, the Physics and Media Study Departments at UB as well as The Techne Institute. She is the 2019-20 recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship. She will be traveling to Canada next fall on a Fulbright Fellowship to create the fourth Indeterminacy Festival in Montreal. Her work is focused around creating large-scale collaborative events which unite a wide variety of disciplines and communities in year round initiatives which culminate in a weeklong festival. 

sarah jm kolberg (co-producer) is a PhD candidate in Visual Studies who specializes in the American and French post-WWII avant garde, with an additional focus on the post-WWI avant garde, queer theory, and as a film scholar - narratology, psychoanalytic theory, and film noir. She has won numerous awards as a film producer & director, scholar, and writer, and her films have screened around the world. After more than a decade in state politics (as Chief of Staff to a State Assemblymember) she quit her job to return to graduate school full time.  She holds a joint MA in English and Film, an MFA in Film Production, and an MA in Visual Studies and teaches both film and art history at the University at Buffalo. She is the Director and Producer of the award winning documentary little green men about a program which engages middle and high school students in the search for pulsars (a particular type of collapsed star),, for which she and her collaborator, Co-Producer Dr. Maura McLaughlin, raised more than $250,000 including funding from the National Science Foundation, NASA’s West Virginia Space Grant Consortium, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, West Virginia University, and the University at Buffalo. little green menhas been screened at venues such as the Green Bank Telescope, the Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburg), the Clay Center (Charleston, WV), Berkeley–SETI / Breakthrough Listen, The West Virginia STEM and the Arts film festival, as well as many others, along with the schools who have or are currently participating in the program. She also produced NanoGrav: the Wave of the Future a short promotional film about the search for gravitational waves and how pulsars aid this objective. She owns Deer Creek Strategic Consulting and is a sought-after advisor to many of the area's arts and cultural organizations, having served on many of their boards.