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Buffalo String Works 

Buffalo String Works aims to benefit an under-served population on Buffalo's west side by providing a creative outlet for children searching for a sense of belonging in their new home. We serve a community of that is comprised of recently-displaced families from all over the globe, thus we recognize the significance of music as a universal language.

As committed educators, we also aim to create an environment that transcends our local efforts, by providing a training ground for teachers who will carry on and expand comparable programs. We hope to see leaders emerge to build a sustainable program of musical advancement for our city and beyond.

The ensemble will participate in workshops, rehearsals, and performances as apart of The Indeterminacy Festival. 

Starlight Studios 

The festival has been collaborating with Starlight Studios to create handmade pieces out of yarn and string. Contributing studio members works will be integrated in the 2018 festival 

The Parkinson Dance Ensemble

PDdance Performance Ensemble

Formed under the direction of Cynthia Pegado in 2015, this dance group for people with Parkinson’s disease creates opportunity to work through challenges of neurological movement disorder disease to re-discover the joy of artistic, expressivity in movement. The group performed in Ms. Vaubel’s 2017 Indeterminacy Festival and created an original multi-media work for the Burchfield Penney’s Front Yard. Invited into the world-wide arena through renown choreographer Mark Morris’ "The Bourrée Project”, the ensemble participated in his global film performance collage. Through Global Water Dances, presented at Canalside, the ensemble used the language of dance to advocate for remediation of local polluted waters while commemorating our region’s water history and successes. ; ;

What emerges between string and word and us? How might a focus on points of connection and the space emerging between influence or create ways to share poetry? We will co-imagine and create an installation for display and/or a performance to consider sharing at this year’s Indeterminacy Festival.

Presented in relation to this year’s Indeterminacy Festival—May 14-20 Silo City
The Indeterminacy Festival will go into its second year, exploring emergence by using string as the primary medium with which to enact the felt-experience of threading, stretching, connecting, and binding new ideas into an interconnected whole.

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