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Developed in 2020 with McGill University's Building 21 and the Fulbright Foundation.
This program offered selected students at McGill the opportunity break out of their thought silos
introducing them to practitioners from across disciplines.

Guests included:

Cellist Andres Diaz

Violinist Carmit Zori

polymath Sha Xin Wei,

Philosopher Eric Lewis

Sound Artist Lauren Hayes

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein

Sound Artist Kathy Kennedy

Musicologist Jamie Currie 

Architect Stephanie Davidson

AI Researcher Olaf Witkowski

Filmmaker Spencer Parsons 

Composer James O'Callaghan

Anthropologist Samuele Cullu

Instrument Maker Jesse Stewart

Arts Practica Founder Alexa Miller

Choreographer Alanna Kraaijeveld

Starlight Studios Director Carrie Marcotte 

Cognitive Anthropologist Samuel Veissière

Psychologist, Psychiatrist Vincenzo Di Nicola

Penn Dixie Fossil Park Director Phil Stokes 

Opportunity Music Project Founder Jessica Garand

Buffalo String Works Founder Yuki Numatta Resnick

Onassis Foundation as the Executive Director, Christo Carras 

Director of Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute Sarah Johnson,

Researcher in sleep, meditation and social neuroscience Liza Solomonova

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