Indeterminacy Consulting Group

 Innovating creative solutions for the public realm.  


The Indeterminacy Consulting Group (ICG) originated in 2014 in Buffalo New York. Created out of site-specific venues such as the cylindrical cement grain silos and vacant warehouses populating the city. These novel sites invited individuals to improvise their routine modes of behaviour in new and unexpected ways. 

These large-scale events brought together individuals from across disciplines in relation to prompts such as "uncertainty" "emergence" indeterminacy". The aim was to draw a diversity of practitioners together to engage in complex social and cultural issues of the moment. 


In this moment of global upheaval, individuals from across the disciplines are facing unprecedented change. It is clear that we are being ushered into a "new normal" that doesn't follow a familiar rulebook or code conduct. Indeterminacy, which means "not quite knowing, unclear, uncertain" is becoming an all too familiar daily reality. 

Professionals require new skills to cope with both the psychological and practical disruptions that will continue to play out. "Practicing indeterminacy" is an essential skill for improvising this uncertainty. It prepares individuals for situations that disrupt expectations and provides the resilience necessary to act in chaotic situations with agility.    


We are a network of consultants trained in a variety of backgrounds, from biology, physics, geology, engineering, choreography, composition, music, radio, film, architecture, as well as representatives from local organizations across the country. We thrive on exploring new territories and innovating alternative solutions.


who understand how to offer alternative solutions to complex problems.    


passionate and diverse team, we work hard and collaborate well to deliver great solutions. With the core skills of creative problem solving and project management, we strive towards assigning the best consultants for your company.      


First we meet with our clients to learn more about their organization. We take the time to understand the fundamental values that structure the company, as well as the challenges being faced. From there, ICG develops a team with the expertise necessary to work through these challenges. We might assign a biologist and composer to your organization, cross-pollinating sectors that are traditionally in disciplinary silos. The composer might ask the question "what is the harmony and rhythm of the situation?” Thinking musically provides a different framework for individual employees to communicate and then work together as an “ensemble” to creatively solve the problem at hand. In contrast, the biologist who specializes in climate change and the rapid-evolution might provide strategies for how individual employees might quickly adapt to an unfamiliar situation.


Emerging from their expertise, our consultants are trained to extrapolate connections between their discipline and the organization. Central to ICG’s philosophy is the belief that such alternative frameworks are essential to arriving at long lasting solutions. By taking a "look over there" approach, we help organizations productively destabilize their habitual modes for tackling internal challenges. In doing so, we offer unexpected frameworks for managing the possible solutions that lie ahead.