The Indeterminacy Festival will go into its third year, focusing on the historical, present, and future communication with the universe, exploring various eras of geologic time and ways in which gravitational and electromagnetic waves serve as communicators between the past, present, and future. Located at Penn Dixie, visitors will be invited to take a drive across the moon's surface, or stay grounded and see how people on earth are re-envisioning the world around us. Constructed out of yearlong collaborations with geologists, physicists, choreographers, dancers, musicians, and community organizations collaborating around this year’s theme.

Holding this past and future together, will be a mesh, constructed by Starlight Studios participants and community members over a series of workshops. This mesh will create a metaphoric and literal framework for relating to one another right here on the ground. Without a center  or an edge, without an over here or over there, without foreground or background, the mesh points us towards what theorist Timothy Morton calls “the ecological thought”. By thinking big, by thinking interplanetary, we can use such knowledge to construct a new framework (a mesh) for relating to one another & our world in times of social, political, and ecological unrest, to return home. 


Check back in April for a full schedule.

We look forward to seeing you. 

Stanzi Vaubel 

Director, The Indeterminacy Festival