The Indeterminacy Festival Presents: A Fundraiser for Emergence


On December 9th at 7:30pm we will host a fundraiser at The Birds Nest which will give you an experience inside an emergent structure. On that night, the invisible network of interconnection will be made real, re-affirmed in a specific place, at a specific time. As Donna Haraway put it "nothing is connected to everything, but everything is connected to something, which is connected to something else."  This fundraiser is an opportunity to bring our connections into focus.


The Indeterminacy Festival Presents: Braiding Connections

The festival has been invited to host a workshop at this year's GOLDEN event. More information here

November 12th, 2017 

In collaboration with Nina Vega-Westhoff, the festival hosted this workshop to begin thinking about "knotted" relationship both on the page, in material form, and in the air. More workshops to come!

Flint, MI August 7-21st 

Hosted by the Flint Public Art Project we spent two weeks here building a project with the community, thanks to The Elated Flute Foundation for all of their on the ground support!

Omaha Nebraska, July 26th-29th 

Hosted by KANEKO Art Center, the festival worked with kids to build inflatable spaces and collaborate with local dance groups, music groups, and artists to stage a performance on the evening of the 29th.  

Iowa City, July 17th-25th  

In partnership with Public Space One and funding from Iowa City Downtown district,

the festival worked with local artists, designers, and Iowa University faculty members to stage a public performance on July 25th.  

Buffalo, May 16th-20th 

May 16th  5pm in the Center for the Arts. (free) 

Luc Courchesne, an artist from Montreal will host a workshop with UB students and then give a public artist's talk about interactive media. 

sponsored by Techne Institute 


May 18th 7:30 at Hallwalls ($5 for students and members $10 general)
It's Just a Square Box Painted on the Wall: selections from the indeterminate  

A selection of films around the theme of indeterminacy with live musical performance, 

curated by Stanzi Vaubel and Tony Yanick.

co-sponsored by UB Visual Studies program 


May 19th 5pm at Silo City Marine A 

WNYBAC will lead students in a handmade bookmaking workshop, which the students will then use for a poetry writing workshop hosted by Just Buffalo Literary Center to compose on-site creative writing pieces inspired by the workshops and performances of The Indeterminacy Festival. 


May 19 & 20th 7:30 at Silo City Marine A ($5 for students and $10 general)

Large inflatable plastic bubbles within Silo City that become "a space within a space" 

within which the dance and music performances take place.