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PastFuture/FuturePast 2019 // included a week of workshops, screenings, and performances with the finale events on May 17th and 18th hosted at Penn Dixie Fossil Park. The focus was on the theme of cosmic communication. In collaboration with co-producer sarah jm kolberg (whose film on pulsars and gravitational waves was funded by the NSF, NASA, NRAO), University at Buffalo Physicist Doreen Wackeroth, and Geology Ph.D. candidate Carolyn Roberts, an assemblage framework was created, focusing on the historical, present, and future communication with the universe.

Collaborating partners included Starlight Studios (who created the parachute illustrations), Buffalo String Works (musicians and dancers), The Parkinson Dance Ensemble (dancers), Our Lady of Hope Youth Choir, and musicians from The Indeterminacy Ensemble (founded in 2017 to create original music for the festivals.) Co-production with sarah jm kolberg, choreography with Michaela Neild, musical arrangement by Stanzi Vaubel, musical direction by Leanne Darling, musical score by Luis Blanco, Matias Homar, and Tomek Arnold, monochord instrument design by Devin Zimmer, soundscape by Emiddio Vasquez, audio engineering by Brian Wantuch

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