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The Indeterminacy Festival, 2017

The inaugural year of The Indeterminacy Festival took place over the week of May 14th-20th, 2017. It brought together refugee violinists from Buffalo String Works, alongside The Indeterminacy Ensemble, joined by dancers from The University at Buffalo and local community, alongside The Parkinson Dance Ensemble.

All performers were brought into a series of interlocking decentralized immersive bubbles which were installed inside Silo City (a site of abandoned grain silos in Buffalo, New York). Inflatable designed was developed in collaboration with MFA Architecture Candidate, Justina Dziama.  

Excursions Into Unknowable Worlds, brought musicians and dancers into a immersive landscape. The site-specific environment of the Hi-Temp Warehouse in Buffalo New York served as the inspiration for the performance spatial design. Dancers, musicians, and audience members were not confined to specific areas, but instead intermingled, as the performance occurred in between and throughout the entire warehouse space.    

Sites Do Things to People is a multi-media performance of sensorial reciprocity between place and the people who are affected by it.

Acoustic cello and electronics will be improvised in real time as they blend and twist to create hybrid relationships in the in-between, while projections will inhabit a more time-based narrative. We watch as relationships to place grow and change. At first characters are people, but soon, sound itself is characterized, the acoustical body of the site in attentive response to those who have begun to listen. featuring Stanzi Vaubel, Su Hyun Nam, John "Lazlo" Shotwell, Swannie Jim, Teri Rueb, Bruce Jackson, Joyce Hwang, and Craig Freudenthal.

The Gift, Chicago Public Radio, 2013

This series produced for Chicago Public Radio and curated by poet Rachel Webster, drops inside poetry. The Gift shares the belief that this process of settling into a place deep within the self and sharing these words aloud, might provide the listener with some kind of roadmap, to understanding our inner lives.


The Gift offers a space, here, in which to feel these innerswirls of complexity, the unknown. To draw us further into the feeling of it. By the end of the series, the listener may become a little lost. Without clear markers to indicate progress, without narrative resolution, how do we interpret an experience? Trust that this lack of clarity, is a kind of indirect progress, an opening to experiences and emotions, previously blocked out, or suppressed  because feared, for the confusion they might cause.   The Gift, is a series dedicated to creating experiences which might draw us deeper into our own humanity. 

Part I: Living Poets

Part II: Great Literature  

The Wasteland:


The Four Quartets:


As I Lay Dying:




Notes From the Underground:

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