February 27, 2020. Montreal Canada. Created in collaboration with conductor Guillaume Bourgogne and the students of his improvisation course at McGill University's Schulich School of Music, the event brought together students and faculty from McGill and Concordia University to perform alongside local and international artists. In co-partnership with the Fulbright Foundation and La Sala Rossa.



May 15-18th, 2019. Hosted at The Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Preserve. In collaboration with the Physics, Geology, Engineering, Dance, and Music Departments at University at Buffalo alongside local partners: The Parkinson Dance Ensemble, Buffalo String Works, Starlight Studios, 5 Loaves Farms, Cradle Beach and Our Lady of Hope Youth Choir. Collaborators learned about sound, electromagnetic, and gravitational waves, developing strategies to perform these waves as music and movement. The week of events included hands-on workshops, film screenings, lectures, and performances with local and international guests around the festival theme. Sponsors included: Penn Dixie Fossil Park, Pierre McAloon Award, John and Shelley McKendry, and UB Media Study.  



May 15-18th, 2018. Hosted at Silo City in Buffalo NY. Workshops presented in partnership with Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, with visiting international artists Sophie Krier (Netherlands), Aurelien Gamboni (Switzerland), Sandrine Teixido (Brazil), Stephane Verlet-Bottero (France). Co-produced by Sarah JM Kolberg, engineering design and implementation Patrick Sears, Choreography by Jenna del Monte, Melanie Aceto, and Kara Mann, aerial choreography by Nina Vega-Westhoff, Physics advisor Professor Doreen Wackeroth, Geology collaborators Carolyn Roberts, Nate Marshall, and Jeremy Stock, projections by Brian Millbrand, architectural design by Justina Dziama, welding and fabrication by Chris Siano, on site support by Jim Wattkins with collaboration from: The Indeterminacy Ensemble, UB Choir, Our Lady of Hope Youth Choir, Buffalo String Works, Starlight Studios, Just Buffalo Literary Center, West Side Bazaar, Indigo Productions with advisory support from John Shottwell. Sponsors included: Arts Services Initiative of WNY, Mark Diamond Research Fund, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Just Buffalo Literary Center, John and Shelley McKendry, UB Media Study and Physics Department, NYSCA, and Silo City owner and founder Rick Smith.

Indeterminacy Festival

On Tour (2017)

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2017 The Indeterminacy Festival, On Tour, (June-August), bringing the Indeterminacy Method to cities around the country. Facilitated workshops and events with community groups in Flint Michigan, Omaha Nebraska, and Iowa City. Sponsors included: Public Space One, KANEKO, and Free City Festival.


Uncertainty (2017)

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May 17-18, 2017. Staged at Silo City, Buffalo NY. Large inflatable plastic bubbles were designed, manufactured, and installed inside a complex of grain silos, becoming "a space within a space." Architectural design by Justina Dziama, choreography Jenna Del Monte and Courtney Barrow, sound and lighting design by John Shotwell and Indigo Productions, with collaboration from The Indeterminacy Ensemble, musical composition by Lucas Segall, with collaboration from: The Parkinson Dance Ensemble, fundraising and media support via the Mark Diamond Research Fund, Techne Institute, Indiegogo crowdfunding coordinated and managed by students of the Arts Management at UB, class of 2017.

To view a short documentary on the festival click here.


Staged at The Hi-Temp Warehouse. This immersive performance, invited musicians, dancers, choreographers, lighting and sound designers, theorists, and filmmakers into a maze of delicately entangled scrims, light, sound, bodies, and story.

Directed + Written by: Stanzi Vaubel

Cinematography by: Eric Coombs and Samuel Levine
Choreographic Direction: Melanie Aceto
Lighting Direction: Carlie Todoro-Rickus
Art Direction: Su Hyun Nam
Music Direction: Stanzi Vaubel
Sound Engineering: Dan Caruso
With Production Assistance from: Galia Binder
Performing Dancers: Christiana Buckley, Haley Bjorn, Sarah Lester, Olivia Bergmann, Galia Binder, Michaela Neild, Sarah Dodd, Angel Mammoliti, Monica Karwan, Cynthia Pegado, Alexandra Pawlowski, Amanda Klimek, Courtney Barrow, Brooke Laura, Nina Vega-Westhoff, Colleen McLenigan, Aurora Hastings, Lindsay Daniels

Performing Musicians: Eric Vlesmas, Mathew Porcello, Brian Clark, Lisa Gagnon, Chang Park, James Prude, Luis Blanco, Hamed Zamani Zeshmarzi, John Slobodzian, Connor Sullivan, Lisa Gagnon, Nathan Marshall, John Morano, Stanzi Vaubel

The Gift.jpg

Chicago Public Radio presents The Gift produced by Stanzi Vaubel and curated by Rachel Jamison Webster. This project was a collaboration with UniVerse of Poetry, a station partner and 501(c)3 organization that aims to celebrate poets from every nation in the world. Each piece drops us into a poets’ inner life, reminding us of the gift of being human among others. Interviews with poets: Joy Harjo, Lois Lowery, Linda Hogan, Kwame Dawes, Stuart Dybek, Jay Ponteri. Great books series include: T.S. Eliot, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Mary Shelley. Listen here.

We're Part of the City (2011) is part documentary, part music video. It's a map made out of six movements, in six locations around New York City. Each movement is constructed out of the sounds, interviews, and images found there. It lands where it does based on hearsay, reputation, nostalgia, or curiosity. From Occupy Wall Street to Coney Island, it constructs an auditory, visual and musical experience from the experiences found in the city.

This movement: Occupy Wall Street won Directors Choice at the Black Maria Film Festival.