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*All submissions are free 


Category 1: Ages 10-18 

In your submission, please include your age and a short 250-word statement about what you chose to include on your record and why. 


Category 2: 18 +  

In your submission, please indicate your profession and a short 250-word statement about what you chose to include on your record and why. 

Please submit a high resolution image JPG image of your cover art along with your mixed media tape separated into individual tracks as WAV files to:


Please include the subject heading LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and Age Category (18 and under or 18 +)


GOLDEN ALBUM ART CREATION: You may creatively determine how to use the surface of your 12" golden record. You can create your own images illustrating your ideas, you can write the names of the musical tracks, or words, or individuals you would want to share, you can collage images and text together, or you can create your own symbols for how the record should be played, as the original Golden Record does. 


OPTIONAL MIXED MEDIA TAPE: This is your “interstellar mix tape”. What media would you want to share? What media might you create? Edit together up to 5 minutes of audio recordings, musical tracks, spoken word, ambient sounds etc. for consideration.  The mix tape is optional. 


Doreen Wackeroth, PhD.: Professor University at Buffalo Department of Physics, The UB High Energy Physics and Cosmology Group

Tina Rivers Ryan, PhD.: Assistant Curator, Albright Knox Art Gallery

Dana M. Tyrrell: artist and Marketing & Community Development Coordinator, Buffalo Arts Studio

Carrie Marcotte: Director of Starlight Studio and Gallery, Learning Disabilities Association of WNY

jon lomberg: artist and interplanetary message maker, design director for the voyager golden record. 


April 1st Competition Announced 

April 30th Submission Deadline

May 14th Winners Announced 


May 13-18th selected pieces will be displayed during the 2019 Indeterminacy Festival in Buffalo, New York. 


The finalists will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of artists and scientists, and the winning entries will be chosen by science journalist Sarah Scoles, whose work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science, the Washington Post, NOVA, and other publications. She's the author of Making Contact: Jill Tarter and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and lives in Denver.    


The finalists will receive prize packs including a copy of Making Contact signed by both Sarah Scoles and Dr. Tarter along with other items related to this year's festival theme. 

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