The Indeterminacy Festival Presents: Braiding Sweetgrass [workshop]

The Burchfield Penney, STAY GOLD EVENT,  Buffalo New York, Indeterminacy Festival 2018 

 The Indeterminacy Festival will go into its second year, this time exploring the concept of "Emergence" in which an unlikely confluence of things are brought together in the formation of something new. The festival is exploring emergence by using string as the primary medium with which to enact the felt-experience of threading, stretching, connecting, and binding new ideas into an interconnected whole. We will work across mediums with musicians (to create large-scale string instruments) dancers (who will choreograph ensemble works with string) visual artists, and specialists from English, Poetry, and Philosophy to Physics and Earth Sciences, in an effort to find new ways of "weaving" our relationships between the disciplines together.     

 Over the course of this year, we are hosting workshops in which attendees will be exposed to concepts of making music with string as well as how string games can be expanded into large-scale movement activities which exemplify the relationships typically experienced online within social networks, but rarely experienced as an analog equivalent in real space and time.

Workshop_Buffalo NY

The Indeterminacy Festival will be collaborating with JustBuffalo's youth division to create on-site poetry and prose based upon their experience of the install and performance of the festival at Silo City on May 19th 2017.


Western New York's Book Arts Center will join students at Silo City to help them bind their own handbooks in which they will document their experiences. 

Inflatable Workshops

Indeterminacy Festival 2017